Remote Work

With many people working from home more, we thought we’d help put many of our commonly asked questions for remote work, all in one place for you!

Internet Reimbursement

Depending on the state or city you work in, you may be eligible for an internet allowance if you’re a remote worker – click here to find out more.


Proper Time Reporting

With many positions shifting to remote work, it can be really easy for our home and work lives to blend! But it’s important that you’re paid for all time you work, please click here to learn more about proper time reporting while remote.


Worksite Change Request

As your employer, we want to make sure you’re getting any benefits you’re eligible for. If your worksite location changes, please notify us right away using this form as each city and state has different benefits and requirements. This includes if your assignment has changed to primarily working from home or if you already primarily work from home and have moved.


Mental Health & Self-Care

We know this last year has put us all through a lot. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few things that are available for you as a Populus Group contract employee!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our EAP is available to all PG contract employees! Access to confidential counselors, child care ​services, personal finance resources, and more (check out the EAP flyer​)!​​

When registering for EAP for the first time, you'll need to select your company as either:

  • Populus Group - Med Enrolled (if you have medical benefits through PG)  or
  • Populus Group - Non Med Enrolled (if you are not enrolled in medical benefits through PG)

Mental Health Blog Post: