Employment & Wage Verification by Thomas & Company

Who is Thomas & Company?

Thomas & Company handles our employment and wage verifications (EWV). Some common reasons for employment and/or wage verifications include, applying for a home or car loan, credit applications, or renting an apartment.

In addition to creating a secure access PIN to send to a verifier for an Employment & Wage verification, your Employee Access Portal can grant employees access to block and unblock their personal information, view historic pins and verifier requests, dispute dates of employment and wages, and request immigration and adoption forms.

To get started or learn more, please go to verify.thomas-and-company.com.

Looking for an employment letter with a job title and/or job description?

These are available through Thomas & Company, but if your letter needs a job description included, please reach out to pgsupport@populusgroup.com.

How do I request an Employment and/or Wage Verification?

There are two types of verification requests –Employment-only or Employment & Wage. Please see below for how to access the two different verifications.

Employment-only Verification

Employment & Wage Verification

For employment verification only, the verification would include: company name, employee name, first day of work, last day of work (if applicable), position, and position type (hourly or salary).


For employment and wage verification, the following information will be included: employee name, employee address, first day of work, last day of work (if applicable), pay rate, pay rate type (hourly, salary), average hours per week (if hourly), position, and your most recent three years of pay details.

Step 1: Give the verifier the information below to obtain instant verification.

• Your social security number

• Your company code: PGI584

Step 2: Direct verifier to verify.thomas-and-company.com

Step 3: Verifier will follow the steps as outlined on the site.

Step 1: Log in to the employee portal.

Go to verify.thomas-and-company.com.

Then, click the 'Employee Access' button.

Complete employee log-in by providing the following details:

• Your first and last name

• Your email address

• Your social security number

• Your company code: PGI584

• Your employee ID number

Verify your email address. Upon completing the log-in, an authentication email with a link will be sent to the email address provided to verify your email address. Click on the link to gain access to the Employee Access Portal homepage. Please note, this link expires after 24 hours.

Step 2: Generate verifier PIN.

On the Employee Access Portal homepage, click the green ‘Get Started’ button next to the ‘Generate Verifier PIN' option.

• Verify information provided, terms and conditions, and click ‘Agree & Finish.’

• Verifier PIN will be displayed. Email, print, or write down the PIN for the verifier.

Step 3: Give the verifier the information below to obtain instant verification.

• Your verifier PIN

• Your social security number

• Your company code: PGI584

Step 4: Direct verifier to verify.thomas-and-company.com. Verifier will follow steps as outlined on the site.

Additional Reference Documents:

EWV Documents Guide


Other Questions You Might Have:

What's the turnaround time for a verification?

Employment & Wage verification using the verifier PIN provides an instant response. Social Services verifications can take up to 3 days. 


What is my Authentication ID?

Your authentication ID is your 8-character employee ID that is assigned to you by your employer. This will include leading zeros, for example, if you know your employee ID to be 1234567 you would enter 01234567. You may be able to find the employee ID on your most recent Paperless Employee pay statement. If you need access to your Paperless Employee account and pay stubs, please go here.

If you were terminated prior to 8/1/2020, the Authorization ID may be your date of birth, which should be entered in the format MMDDYYYY, plus the last four digits of your SSN. For example, if your birth date is June 1st, 1980 and your SSN ends in 1234, you would enter 060119801234.


Is there a cost for this service?

If you're a current or former employee of Populus Group, you shouldn't be charged for this service. Please reach out to Thomas & Company directly with any questions. 


Need to Contact Thomas & Company Verifications Department?

Email: verifications@thomas-and-company.com

Phone: 615-620-0569

Mailing Address: Thomas & Company Verifications Department, Post Office Box 280100, Nashville, TN 37228



For more Frequently Asked Questions, please click here or you can visit Thomas & Company's Help Center by clicking here